Wyze Bulb Running Hot


I recently received my Wyze Bulbs and, after some trial and help from the great community here, got them paired and working great with my Wyze Sense motion sensor!

One question I do have though is about how HOT the bulbs get when turned on. Like, running-the-risk-of-getting-burns-if-I-touch-them hot. Is that normal? I have them in light sockets clearly labeled for 60 watt bulbs, so I don’t think that’s an issue. But I’m curious if anyone else has noticed the same thing, and if it’s something that can be addressed.


I have the same issue…

Mine are warm to touch after running for about 20 minutes at 74% brightness and middle of color scale in ambient temp of 75 degrees F.
/edit - should have pointed out that was the part of the bulb I could reach in the fixture. They were cool enough to unscrew, but I did not try touching the base.

Temperature of the Wyze bulbs per @WyzeMike

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Have checked mine with an infrared thermometer and the bulb portion stays just above ambient while the base reaches about 150-160, which is normal, it is recommended I believe to not use them in an enclosed fixture due to the temps though


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn for the post! Yes… the heat sink of LED bulbs are often well over 150°F which is why we’d advise not touching that part! If you need to grab the bulb make sure to only touch the plastic light diffuser which is cooler. Or better yet turn the bulb off and let it cool!


You’re welcome! Thanks for running the test. :slight_smile:


That is good to know! Thanks so much for risking your eyesight to put my paranoia at ease! :wink:


Love the dedication of physically testing the bulb!

Question: In the end is it recommended for enclosed fixtures?

They are not recommended for enclosed fixtures because the heat has nowhere to escape to, my experience with other bulbs is that in enclosed fixtures they will prematurely die. Sometimes they will not fit in an enclosed fixture because they also tend to be taller than incandescent

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Most LED bulbs get hot. These are no different. They may be warmer just because of the “smart stuff”.