Could the Wyze V1 camera still be safely used just to check if power is on or off in an unoccupied house?

Need to monitor whether the power is off so someone could start a generator and heater to keep well pipes from freezing.

The camera could face a blank wall in the basement since it is just being used to indicate whether the wifi is off.

I understand that the Wyze cam V1 can’t have security updates. I’m assuming that someone would have to first break into the wifi, but if there isn’t any SD card, and the camera itself is not being used. Are there any security threats possible to the modem or router?

I also don’t remember having to power recycle the v1 as often as I need to with my v2 and v3 cameras.

There are a few issues with the v1 cam not working (though it’s working great for a lot of people), but as far as I know the only security vulnerability is the SD card one you were mentioning, and they have to be on your network, so the device won’t have any more privileges over the network than the attacker.

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Might I recommend that for extra measure, you also have the camera connected to the WiFi Router’s “Guest Network” since routers usually have guest networks set up with “Device Isolation” which means that any device on that Guest network cannot communicate with any other device on the network, thus the “Isolation” term. This is probably not a necessary security precaution even for the known issues, but if you want to be extra careful in case some other issue arises, then at least the device will be isolated and nobody would be able to use it that device to access anything else because the router already forced it to be isolated from everything else.

I personally have no concerns about using the V1 anywhere, but just as with any camera, you should always avoid putting them in a bathroom or a bedroom. Other than that, I don’t think you have much to worry about. Even with the SD card exploit, someone would have to have access to your local network, and presumably only if the Camera wasn’t on device isolation anyway, so setting it on the guest network (one with device isolation) should resolve that anyway…or since you took out the SD card, that exploit is impossible anyway even if you did let them on your local router.

Either way, you’re fine, but yes, if you want to be extra safe, you should be fine using it in the way you described.

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does the wyze cam report when it goes offline? I have other devices that report when they lose contact if you are interested.
I have used CAO gadgets for a few years. I haven’t used it much recently but it still keeps me informed when I lose power…

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No, but there is a wishlist topic for that feature:

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