Control Bulbs w/Motion Sensor

I got my bulbs yesterday and got them setup with ease. Took me 10 min, including removing old and screwing in the new. The whole reason I bought these, other than wanting to support this awesome company and their low cost home automation, was because my basement lights are constantly being left on. Since I have a motion sensor, I thought “awesome! I will link that motion sensor to the new bulbs and set a time for them to turn off with no movement”.
Well, when adding the motion sensor as a new device it is only letting me connect it to the camera. Is there any plan to be able to control the lights via the motion sensor or contact sensors? Is there something I am missing?
Even when trying to go through IFTTT, I can only use camera motion as a trigger and not even the motion sensor. Any help here would be awesome!


I don’t have my bulbs yet, but in IFTTT I see “Motion Sensor detects motion” as a trigger under If.

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You can do this using the Shortcuts feature in the app. Instructions can be found in the Support link, top right.

I’m controlling my lights via a motion sensor, and used the no motion to turn them off. Works great! Bulbs show up on my app. Can’t find anywhere to set a time to turn off though.

You could make a separate shortcut with a time-triggered automation to turn them off if you want.

I don’t see any time -trigger in the shortcut menu!

On the home screen:

  1. Tap the … icon
  2. Edit Shortcuts
  3. Create Shortcut
  4. Automate: ON
  5. Automation > Time of Day
  6. Actions > New Action > Bulb OFF

I don’t want to automate by the time of day, but have the action last for a set amount of time. For example, I want the motion detector to turn on the bulbs and to stay on for x number of minutes, even if no movement is detected and then turn off.

You can do this with Shortcuts. Set the trigger for the bulb off action to Motion Sensor Has Been Clear for X minutes. The only difference would be that the bulb would go off X minutes after last movement rather than after first movement.



I tried this, but it will not work. The light just stays on. I tested it several times to no avail.

If it’s not working as it should, you should submit a support request.

Thanks Loki, seems like I am not the only one this is affecting. Do I go to Report an issue in the app ?

You have to set a separate one for it to turn off right

Hey guys, I just received the bulbs; I love them. And I would like to automate the lights in the bathroom, only during night time obviously to turn on when motion sensors detect a person. Seems no way to trigger it at the moment. Did you find a way?

Yes, the turn off shortcut will work if I choose the “becomes clear” switch. If I use the “has been clear for” switch, nothing, light stays on.

I didn’t set it with that for off
I would have to go back and look at it to tell you

The reason being I wanted that is because if I am too still in my office, the light turns off with the becomes clear switch. so I wanted a little buffer in there.

Action , Basement light , turn off , Automate , Event , basement light, has been on for, then set the time you want it to stay on, I set this a 15min.
You see I didn’t use has been clear for”
my light will stay on 15 minutes after the last motion detection from the motion sensor.
Make sure your bulb has the firmware update


ok, thanks, I will try that.