WYZE Bulb automation question

I may be an idiot, but I cannot find a way to make the buld come on if:

Camera detects motion between time x and x

I would like the bulb to turn on at night is a camera detects motion and possible turn off after x minutes.

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I think you should be able to do this with “Shortcuts”? Unless I’m missing something, that’s how I “attached” my closet lightbulb to my motion detector. It turns on when it detects motion and turns off when motion stops. It’s working so far…

I just went to do the same thing, and it does appear that you can set that up with motion from a camera? I guess that would be good if you wanted a light to flash or turn on if you had motion outside or in a child’s room to know they were awake? Probably lots of other uses have been thought of already…

EDIT: This may not be do-able with your “only at night” condition, though?

The shortcuts allow it to turn on but there’s no way to control the time of day/night the shortcut triggers as in:

If time is between 22;00 & 07:00 and movement is detected on camera 1, turn on bulb 1 fix 5 minutes

That would be the best solution.


Could you set the brightness to 0 during the hours that you do not want it to come on, then set brightness back to normal when you want them to come on? I do something similar, where the brightness is turned down to like 15 at 11pm, this way if I walk into the kitchen during the night it won’t blind me, then I set the brightness back to normal at 6am.

So then assuming the light is currently off, does changing the brightness leave the bulb off and next time it turns on would be at that brightness setting?

EDIT: I just tried and it does seem to work. I have a shortcut to automate turning the brightness to 1% in the morning, another shortcut to set the brightness to normal in the evening, and a shortcut to trigger the lights on. The only downside I can see is if I want to manually turn on the lights during the “dim” period, it would be slightly more hassle.

I’d still rather have the automation allow me to use a time period AND a trigger.

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Exactly. I would think a time period to allow specific trigger isn’t too much to ask

I agree, we need a little more flexibility

I’m also trying to get my new bulb to come on when triggered by a motion sensor then turn off after 5 minutes of no motion. A bit challenged but very willing to learn. Help in detail will be greatly appreciated.

You can set up shortcuts for this. Choose your bulbs to turn on in the action and use the automation to set this to activate when your motion sensor detects motion. To turn them off, choose your bulbs to turn off as the action and use the automation to set this to activate when the motion sensor has been clear for 5 minutes.

I’d be super happy, if the app developer[s] build a more user friendly “CLOCK”.

What time you’d like to turn on – What time you’d like to turn off. AM-PM included.

The current method of using “hours till an event”, is simply not intuitive.

I have been working on this automation task as well. Your suggestion was a good one. I used shortcuts to cause a camera to trigger a bulb to come on if the camera detects motion. For testing, I set a small window of time in which that trigger is expected to be active. It worked. The bulb came on when motion was detected during and I received an event notification on my phone. However, the bulb did not shut off after a period of no motion. I don’t see a method of setting an off trigger for the bulb. Any thoughts?