Bulb light On when opening the door in the evening only

Hello all :slight_smile:
Is there a way to automate the Bulb light to be On when opening the door only or after a specific time I.E in the evening for example ?
The idea is to have the bulb go on when I come in after sunset otherwise I have to switch it of manually.
I just found the option to do one event or at a specific time.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. It is possible using ifttt. Check out this posting from @agentbaphomet:

The other option is to use a Wyze shortcut. It does not allow you to turn it on at sunset and off at sunrise dynamically, but you could set the times within the shortcut schedule. One shortcut to turn it on and set to automatically run say at 8pm and another shortcut to turn it off also set to run at 6am.

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Thank you for the hints.
The first option is not really straightforward and the second using the shortcuts will not solve the automation and it will let some manual action as if someone gets in during the day, the light will remain switched on :frowning:
I hope that the team will think about it as this does not seem to be a hard piece of code to add for automation (triggering action between time A and time B)