Need Help with Bulb Control in Sense

As everyone else I’m having a blast with my new goodies from Wyze! I do however need some help with something I can’t figure out. It’s probably my ADD brain interpreting something the wrong way so hopefully you folks can help me see that.

I only have one motion sensor and one camera with the bridge attached and working. I have two Wyze bulbs under my carport also working fine. The problem lies in the control of those bulbs specifically turning them off using the event “Has been clear for xx mins.” I can use the event “Becomes clear” and they turn off but no matter what time I set they don’t. Please tell me I’m missing something!

I have the latest Android app version, CAM FW, bridge FW and both bulbs have the latest FW also.

This has been an issue for the past day now. Hopefully Wyze is looking into it. For not the only sensor detection automation task that is working is detect or not detect motion.