All of a sudden wyze bulb stopped working with triggers

Everything was working great now it doesn’t. When I open laundry garage door wyze bulb comes on. When motion sensor 1 detects motion wyze bulb comes on, and when motion sensor 2 detects motion wyze bulb comes on. If all is quiet for 10min the wyze bulb turns off. Rinse and repeat. Now wyze bulb doesn’t respond to anything but I can still remotely turn it off and on manually thru the app or Google Assistant. Mentioned it to tech and sent them screenshots and log history. This has been going on a week now. I’m losing confidence in this company.

I understand your frustration. But Apple is a much larger company than Wyze and I had an issue with my iPhone that took 2 1/2 weeks and probably 20 to 30 hours on the phone to fix so I wouldn’t lose faith yet. But I do understand your frustration

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Good feedback. Very gland you submitted a ticket to support. One reason this company can provide devices cheaper than most is because of people like you that tell them when something is still wrong. :+1:

Never will be an instant fix, tho.

I figured it out. When searching subjects on this forum I noticed some asking questions about the bridges. When buying the sensors starter pack it comes with 1 bridge. FYI the bridges sometimes need to be reset. I checked mine and the blue light showed it as operational and online however in further inspection I noticed all sensors on my app were offline. I took the bridge out, waited 30 secs and reinserted it into the one camera it was attached to. Gave it about a minute and purposely triggered those sensors by opening those doors, windows, and motion sensors and it reboot those back online. Everything is working again. This has been over a week and funny how me sending screenshots and logs techsupport still could not figure it out. Anyway check your bridges people. It’s easy to forget about it