Contacts for your gun case

I have inserted wyze contacts inside my gun cases, pretty simple way to help alert me if anyone is tampering with them.


What a great idea…! Inside or outside the case?
How about concealment?

I stuck them inside the case (hard case) as a trial. Need to figure out a good way to put a set in my soft case. So far so good

I have a Wyze camera looking down on my gun safe in our bedroom closet. I also have a contact from our home security system set on the inside of the safe door which notifies me and my wife whenever the door is opened as well as a tilt sensor that will trigger an alarm if the safe is tipped over. I don’t see why a Wyze contact could not be used in the same way to notify if the door is opened. The one downside is that I have to replace that battery about every 6 months because it works harder to keep a signal…the plus side is that I usually go to the shooting range 2-3 times a month.


I like it, that sounds like a great setup😊

This is great for mechanics! $2800 tool and sometimes they are stolen by other mechanics, They have cameras at Ford, Mitsubishi and all those places that fix cars but still they get robbed, So having their own security system that tells them when a tool was taken at a certain time where they can dial back the cameras and see who did it, even so, let’s they lend the tool to another mechanic and it was stolen from the lender? Then hopefully the lender will have the same system?

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I’ll have to try and find that news story I tagged recently. If I remember correctly someone managed to get into a fairly HIGH security gun case and use the gun for bad.

And how exactly would you approach someone who was “tampering” with your gun case?

If they get it open, they’ve got YOUR gun. I can come up with a few scenarios, but want to hear yours. On first read, I’m scratching my head. Kinda like closing the barn door AFTER the cow got out.

Depending on the exact situation and timing, it could be a matter of confronting a curious room mate or child, or sending LE to your home to try and catch an Intruder. I would think there were a lot of moving parts to it and would depend on how much security you have in addition to the contacts. At the very least you have notice it occurred vs telling a detective “ Well it was there last year when we went to the country” In my particular case, I have home alarms and sensors that I would expect to alert me to an intruder long before they found a gun case. However it would alert me if a visitor, plumber, land lord, or lady that helps with housekeeping gets to curious. Is it a perfect solution? NO not at all, but it is something … and a start.

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Thanks for the reply. Let us hope you never need to be alerted again.

This reminds me that I need to put a sensor on our “important” stuff drawer.

I have a cheap gun safe. Wyze contacts on the inside of the door, 2 cameras for different angles and wyze plug to automatically turn on the lights. No one can enter the room without me knowing!

My safe didn’t have a light inside. I was able to run a Led setup using the supplied hole on the safe. Then i placed the contact on the door like others had. I attached the led to the plug so when the door opened the light turns on, the camera came on and when the door closed the leds go off. It works great. I wish there was a low voltage “maker” switch to use on lo voltage like a garage door switch.

Check the Hackaday website for the item you are looking for.

Hello Leroyh.
Here is my thought for a secure mounting of a contact sensor to the surface of a soft case.
Purchase a small amount of 1/16" thick PVC plastic (1/8" will work but be harder to work with).
Cut a rectangular piece of plastic for each part of the sensor and drill or melt-in holes around the perimeter. Using PVC glue attach each part of the sensor to its mounting base.
Next stitch one part of the sensing unit to one side of the case seam and the other part to the opposite side of the seam. I think sewing them on the inside of the case is better. See the diagram below:

Victor Maletic

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I have them for my safe. When tripped, it would start a recording of the camera in the room.