Contact Sensor Modified - Magnetic Reed Switch Remote / Outside

Hello People
Earlier I submitted some posts that utilized modified contact sensors. This post describes how I did it. This post shows two ways of releasing the circuit board from its stake anchor and then goes on to show the other operations needed. Below is a series of grouped annotated pictures. Below each group is a brief description of what it depicts.

This picture shows a drill press with a cut-off drill bit used like a milling machine.
Milling is done here and mushroomed stake head is gone. A sharp penknife, X-Acto knife or Dremel tool could also be used. A small nail is used like a prybar to remove the circuit board.

This group shows the mushroomed stake top being melted off, prying method and separated circuit board. Notice how the melted and smeared top flaked off when the board was released.

Here the elongated lead hole is being marked out and melted in with a heated nail. The nail will have to be heated and plunged several times. The hole could be done with a Dremel tool or something similar.

A homemade file is used to clean up the sides of the hole. The melt thickened edges are to remain as a strengthening feature. Also, a new LED light hole is melted in to replace the old one that will be blocked when the modified sensor is set in place.

Wooded tweezers are constructed here to hold the reed switch when it is de-soldered from the board. These tweezers have a soft grip and will not cause thermal shock to the switch.

Here the soldered leads are tested.

The case is being extended to provide a firm grip on the leads so as not to place stress on the circuit board soldered connections. Also, more adhesive surface is provided for mounting tape. Note, a recess is provided for access to the lid opening slot.

This is ready to use. Next time I will place the new LED light hole opposite the leads, that will allow me to place the modified unit with leads to the left or to the right with an easy view of the LED light.
To see how I used these sensors you could check out ‘Wyze Smart-ish Lock Another Approach’ or ‘Thinking outside the metal (steel) maillbox - 2’.
Victor Maletic.


Hello @carverofchoice.
The contact sensor case extension with the external reed switch has been superseded with a 3D printed case. This printed case simplifies the utilization of an external reed switch. Much of the work was done by my local library for free. Here is the link to the newer version: My Wyze Smart-ish Lock a Printed Approach
In this linked post there is a link for the free 3D print STL file.
Let me know what you think.


You do really great work my friend. I admire your ingenuity and we’re very fortunate to have you sharing such great details on how to replicate these things for ourselves. Thanks for sharing. :+1: