Constantly have to restart my cameras just to get person detection up and running

This only just started after the release of the v4. Why? I have to constantly restart my cameras just to get person detection up and running. It’s been happening for about a week now. Why does this happen? Please Wyze find a fix to this…

Note, this is a User to User Forum and not an area that Wyze Staff frequents on a regular basis. I would reached out to Wyze and received a Ticket Number. I would also submit a Log so Wyze can look into it.

With that said, are you indicating that after the V4 was released, all of your cameras need to be restarted to get person detection? I know I am repeating what you said, but wanted to clarify what I was reading.

I have V3 ,V3Pro, Pan Cam V3, OG, OG Telephoto, Wyze Floodlight Pro. and Battery Cam Pro. I have Purchased the V4 cameras and now have them installed as well. All of my Cameras report Person, pet, and Packages as that is what I monitor for. I seem to be not having the same issue you are experiencing.

I have Cam Plus Unlimited, are you subscribed to Cam Plus or another service.

Can you provide the App Version you are using and if it is the iOS App or Android App. Also, Can you provide the Firmware Version of one or multiple affected camera(s)?

Just trying to get a better understanding so we can provide some help.