Constant reboot, will not connect

Wyzecam Pan. Camera constantly reboots, LED goes blue, cannot connect. After a minute or so, LED goes amber, then flashes amber/yellow and reboots. Rinse and repeat, over and over. I have tried recycling the camera, same result. Any ideas? My other camera is fine.

If you have an SD card in the Pan, power it off, remove the SD card, and power the Pan back up. If that fixes the issue, you may have an SD card that has either gone bad, or is full. To test that, format the SD card in a PC, and then re-insert card in the camera. This happens most often if you are using continuous recording, instead of on-event recording. Hope that helps.

That seems to have worked. However I had the camera set to record events only, with all other settings off (motion detection, etc). I only turn on motion detection if Iā€™m out of the house for long periods of time. The card, however was full, so not sure why it was recording.
But thank you, it is working now. I will keep an eye on it and check the card.

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