Considering buying — indoor and outdoor — questions

I’m being talked into Wyze, and I’ve been doing a lot of research. A few questions:

  1. I’m going to get v3 for indoor and outdoor — Do any of you run all of your cameras off the battery? I may put a couple in spots not near a power source. Curious as to what you’ve done in the past. I don’t want long wires running everywhere, but I wonder how long the batteries will last.

  2. if I purchase SD cards on the cameras, can I view the archived footage on my phone ? I’m assuming it will erase/re-write the memory card after it runs out.

  3. Any drawbacks with the set-up? Would you also suggest all v3 cameras for indoor and outdoor ? Anything you’d recommend ?

Thanks !

  1. V3’s don’t have batteries.
  2. yes and yes.
  3. I’d suggest only buying 1 camera to start and get familiar with it before deciding to go all in.
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this is about the best thing you can do…spend just a bit…and see what you think.

and if you go with memory cards, get high endurance sd cards. they will work best with video and avoid many of the errors you will get with non endurance cards.

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Okay - good advice.
I was under the impression that the newest outdoor/indoor weatherproof camera could run on a battery (you can take it with you camping, etc). Am I thinking of the wrong camera , or is that not the v3?

Thanks Again -

The outdoor cam works on batteries. Life is decent but better to use the V3 if you can wire it. If you really can’t run wires then use the Outdoor Cam. You will find notifications a little delayed so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that the camera detects motion but takes a few seconds to kick on, so placement matters. If it’s in the wrong spot it won’t capture the person but that’s true for most camera on wifi.

Overall based on cost, they are very good cameras. Many of the other products are a bit buggy and the sensors you can leave alone completely, just not worth it and they don’t sell anymore. They do work hard to improve most of their products, especially their bread and butter which is the cameras.

Enter their ecosystem slowly. I have their headphones and they are ok, I have their door sensors and they are worthless except for the motion sensor. I ordered their vacuum and am super nervous based on my experience with their sensors and complete lack of care and support for them. But their cameras - worth the money all day.

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