Connection issues after new update

After this latest update the cameras ( only 4 total) will not connect. The app says they are “on” so I know it sees the cameras but they are not viewable. All I get is constant time outs. Network has been restarted, phone, cameras etc but still broken. Anyone else having any connection issues with this new update?

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same issue here, 4 v2 and 1 PanCam. After updating with 2.11.40 I am having serious issues connecting but only through LTE or connected to another WiFi network, If I am connected to the same WIFI at home where my cameras are, I do not have issues at all. I hope this helps, I have not opened any ticket yet waiting for other customer’s feedback. Best regards

The new update was a 3 star. Once I open one camera, the rest of my other cams will also update the time. The negative thing is it wasn’t capturing or wasn’t detecting person walking up my front door. Before the update, before the person reach my front door, I get notification right away. But now, nothing! Like the delivery guy who just leave my package infront of my house (away from my front door) when I checked the camera facing infront of my house I noticed an Amazon box outside. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive today. I didn’t here any knock or buzz. When I play the camera back, found out that it was sitting there for almost an hour. With the crimes happening everywhere, good thing no one stole it. The camera I was relying on didn’t notify me that something’s waiting for me outside my house. Should I worry about this new update now?