No longer showing pictures

Since yesterday I wasn’t able connect to all my cameras from a remote location using either wifi or 4G lte, it will only show connecting. I supposed to be able to see my home, my sister and my aunt’s house. But none of them can connect. What will be the problem?
If I am at home using my wifi, I can see my home camera pictures, but other location can’t.

Same issue here. keeps saying connecting but never shows. Will notify of events tho and can watch those

I am surprised only two of us experience this problems. LoL

Think it’s a coding error with live stream. sure more will have the issue soon

I can still receive motion video clip notification. Just can’t do remote live view. Hope they know the issues and get it fixed soon.

same here, get notifications so means camera is fine. something on their end and I’m with you, hope they get it fixed soon. I rather like being able to see present and not just after the event

You just haven’t read all the other threads where folks are complaining about this.

For example
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There’s others, but are comingled with similarly-titled threads

yea didnt know. hopefully will be resolved soon. have faith they will when first got wyze band it was riddled with issues. now works fine

LOl ya. I talked to support earlier. They are looking into the issues. I just tested it a few mins ago and it seems working fine.