Connection for Power

If I cut the power wire from the USB connection and connect it to electrical outlet would that be an issue for the camera. No outlet where I want to install the camera.

Depending what you actually mean, connecting to the 120 Volt A.C. directly to USB cable-camera equals boom/fire :exclamation: :fire:

If you are talking about the outdoor power supply version and it’s 120 V.A.C. cable it would be okay if done correctly (weatherproof)

Cutting USB cable and extending it then plugging into USB adapter OK, but buying a 25 foot cable or shorter would be easier and they are available on Amazon. Longer than 25 feet is NOT recommended.
25ft Power Extension Cable Compatible with Wyze Cam v3

If your distance is greater than 25 feet of USB cabling I would suggest this setup below:

You could also consider using “Low Voltage Wiring” and burying the wire from an A.C. power outlet (indoors) power supply to the cameras. Then use a 12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator adapter and install to camera.

The power Supply mounts indoors but the cable to camera can be longer as the 5 volts is regulated at the camera. And Voltage drop due to cable length is not an issue as the regulator will work with as low as 9 volts input.

I have ran over 180 feet of 2 conductor cable to camera with this setup, use low voltage lighting wiring it can be buried, it is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Connect the 12v to 5v micro-USB regulator adapter to cable matching polarity ( +red -black ) along cable where a camera is needed if more than 1 camera just get a 12 volt adapter with more current (Amps) The Adapter regulator is weatherproof except the micro-USB itself but the boot on the V3 takes care of that.

Links below to several power supplies, 1 Amp for 1 camera, 2 Amp for 2 cameras, or 5 amp for 5 cameras,
choose according to your needs. The cable run can have multiple connections for cameras along cable.

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

12 volt power supply 1 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 2 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 5 amp with connector adapter

14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire - 100 feet

Gardner Bender 25-1W1 Watergard Weatherproof Twist-On Wire Connectors, 22-12 AWG, Small Direct-Buried

This location originally had a V2 in an enclosure, the 12v to 5v adapter has been exposed to rain, snow, and heat of summer for over 3 years. Recently replaced V2 with a V3

Below is an event captured by this camera, note I don’t use IR as I get too many flying bug triggers.

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Thanks for the great info. I want to put my wyze camera outside but no actual receptacle, 120v. Still no plug where I want it. Would be nice for a solar charger.

Visit this post that I answered questions about a solar setup…
Solar Powered several V3 cameras and Motion Spotlight <— Click the blue link

Depending on distance though the 12 volt power supply wired to Low Voltage Wiring connected to 12v to 5v Adapter is cheapest and the easier way to go.

You can bury the Low voltage cable directly using a flat shovel to split ground and tuck it it and push dirt back, or if not through dirt use nail on cable clips if on wood surface. You can get very creative at hiding the wiring. I have ran low voltage cable close to 200 feet…

Wow, nice setup. But for me just don’t have a 120 receptacle near where I want the camera to be. I have a outdoor light and I was thinking of connecting the power from there but as you mentioned Boom!
It’s at the front patio area. Glad to know the camera does not take straight 120volts. Well, have to figure out another way not so involved.

Check out this new Wyze product, you can select just the Wyze socket by itself but needs to be protected from rain obviously.

Wyze Lamp Socket

It is on pre-order so don’t expect it until some time in December

Wyze socket video

**Note if that light is on a switch it will need to stay ON, then control bulb via Wyze app or cam, etc… "

Not recommended but several users here (myself included) use 42 foot microUSB cables with no issues

MOYEEL 42.5Ft(13M) Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam/Wyze Cam Pan, Blink XT Cam, Yi Camera, NestCam Indoor and Quick Charge Power for Home Security C

Some of my cables have been in use since back when I had AmCrest cameras over 2 years ago.

Voltage drop _is_a concern when using long cables.

Don’t use the Wyze USB adapter, because it doesn’t have enough watts to push that far. By the time the electrons make it to the camera, there is insufficient power. Add a spotlight and it gets worse. I use Anker 40 watt wall chargers.

Anker 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger…

ot sure which Camera you are needing to hookup to power directly, but Wyze has an outdoor rated cable which plugs into a outlet.