Connect Wyze Cam V3 to Reolink NVR via Uctronics adapter

Has anyone been able to connect the V3 to Reolink NVR? What I have done so far is upgraded to the firmware version to on the cam v3, turned on the RTSP and generated an address, Purchased the upgraded version of Uctronics adapter, turned on the the RTSP port on Reolink NVR. This is where i’m stuck. The yellow light on the adapter is solid. I’ve tried entering the ip addresses of the Wyze cam and the adapter and it won’t connect.
FYI i’m not a pro hacker but I can navigate around the systems a little.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Why are you trying to use this? The camera doesn’t support it natively. With the RTSP firmware you should be able to connect directly to the camera via the URL you generate in the app.

In the settings for the camera you need to go to Advanced Settings-RTSP to configure user name/password and to generate the URL.

Information on configuration of RTSP:

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Just tinkering to see if I can view them thru the Reolink client. I have the Wyze Cams in the rear of a shop where they where recently and was able to get ethernet cable to so i’m trying to keep them.
As for I have the RTSP setup with name/password.

In order to use the Uctronics adapter you need wz_mini_hacks. It won’t work without it.

wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods



After going to the link this might be over my head a little bit but i’ll try to figure it out.