Connect RDT Channel Timeout - Attempting to download album video


I’ve been using the time-lapse feature for my v3 cam and it’s been working for the most part, but the latest time-lapse video I generated I’m unable to download. It keeps stalling at various download percentages, and eventually stops. When I click the video, it prompts the following error: “Connect RDT channel timeout”. Any ideas on how to resolve? I’ve tried several times, closing the application, reoptimizing my mesh network.

I have not read any mention of that error. It seems like there may be a data transfer issue in receiving the data packets from the original snapshots stored on the SD Card and compiling them into the MP4 prior to saving it on your device drive.

Is it possible that you may have a bad sector on the SD card where one or more of the snapshots was saved?

I was able to download by rebooting the cam.

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That’s great to hear! My guess is that the card reader in the cam was choking on the data and it just needed it’s throat cleared! :rofl: