Intermittent download of Time-lapse-file from Wyze Cam Outdoor

When downloading the content from the camera to the Android, the
process jams (hangs) or the “clock icon” changes to a pause symbol.
On some occasions, repeated attempts might succeed in completing
the download. On most occasions, it comes back with “no such file”
(or words to that effect).

This is becoming a real pain in the lower extremities. Suggestions
would be appreciated.

By the way: Signal strength looks good (three bars) on both the cam
and the station.

Re: WyzeRoy (Wyze Team) May '19 ???
We are pretty close to fixing the time lapse download fail issue.

Thanks for reading

I feel your pain. I gave up on trying to download anything from the outdoor camera cuz it always failed or took forever.

Since initially posting this problem, several updates have come and gone but none have
addressed this issue. Now, things have gotten even WORSE. After the usual 20 to 40
attempts of starts, stops, and retries, you MAY manage to complete the download BUT,
after searching all the Android folders, you find your requested material all chopped
up into pieces of one minute each.

2021.08.14 03:14 5,462,946 202108131928.mp4
2021.08.14 17:42 290,634 202108131928.mp4.aac
2021.08.14 17:42 5,367,547 202108131928new.mp4
2021.08.14 03:14 6,971,818 202108131929.mp4
2021.08.14 17:42 362,709 202108131929.mp4.aac
2021.08.14 17:42 6,852,663 202108131929new.mp4
2021.08.14 03:14 6,948,191 202108131930.mp4
2021.08.14 17:42 363,484 202108131930.mp4.aac
2021.08.14 17:42 6,829,312 202108131930new.mp4

One would expect a merge to take place but NOTHING happens and the expected file
is permanently left with ZERO bytes in it.

So I ask… are we having fun yet?