Connect Cam Plus on Wyze App to Wyze Services Website

I purchased Cam Plus through the app but just found out that the subscription in the app does not connect with my account on the Wyze Services website. I can not see any of my cameras or the recordings on the services app because they are in the app.

Would it be possible to connect the two sources so I can see what is on my app on the services sight? Some videos are best seen in a larger format. I also discovered the price I paid through the app is higher than if I had paid through the services website.

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Did you use the same email address for both the Wyze app and the Wyze Services website?

Yes I did use the same email. When I contacted customer service they said this feature was not currently available but they were hopeful to be able to connect soon. I’m not sure if I had bought the subscription on the services website if I would be able to access it on my app. I did not want to spend another $100 to find out.

It sounds like you ordered Cam Plus from the Apple App Store. Is this correct?

Unknowingly yes. I ordered it through the Wyze app at the apps’ recommendation

I’m sorry you have to go through these pains and I hope you understand why Wyze Customer Support can’t resolve your issue. Unfortunately, at this time, your only option to resolve this issue is to contact Apple, explain the problem, demand a refund and reorder Cam Plus directly from Wyze.