Complete Motion Capture Outside US and CA

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I’m from South Africa. I recently bought 2 Wyze Cams from Amazon and activated the free 2-week Complete motion feature on my one camera - when I wanted to add a second camera it said I needed to activate the billing. As soon as I try to enter my details it’s only allowing me to select US or CA as a country - Basically, I’m just trying to find out when this will be available outside these two countries as the service itself is already functional outside them via the trial? Should be fairly easy to capture Visa/Mastercard details from outside US/CA?


I’m not affiliated with Wyze, so I’m speculating here - but I don’t believe you will be able to activate the billing without a US or CA billing address.

Per many other threads in this forum, Wyze is not an international company; though the camera’s can be purchased outside of North America, they claim that authorized resellers only sell in North America. Further, their SMS 2FA requires a US-based mobile phone number. People here have beat this point to death, but until Wyze decides to “be an international company”, those outside of US and CA are without support for billing and 2FA.

Sorry for the news, but hope this helps.

EDIT: Apologies; after re-reading your comment, I see you were asking for any news re: timeline to be international, which as a lowly user, I cannot inform upon.


They can already accept Visa and Mastercard payments - these are already global payment methods. (I’m not a payment gateway expert so there might be something I’m missing)
Also the current 2-FA used to register for the app is done via email unless you are referring to some other kind of 2-FA. Was curious as to why there is such a limitation when the service is already available on trial and why it is not stated on the website. (probably somewhere in size 2 font under the T&C’s)

Edit: Also pretty sure that Amazon is a authorized reseller that sells globally.

Ummm…just double checked to see if something had changed.

For certain, in the Wyze App on iOS, when navigating to the “Account” tab, then selecting your “Account Name/Email Address”, then “Two-Factor Authentication” from the “Security” sub-heading, you have the option of enabling 2FA, and you can provide a primary and backup phone number - no option for email.

What OS (iOS/Android) are you on? Can you navigate to the place above in the app and confirm what I’ve said?

Welcome to the community, @chris.vrikkidel. Here are the currently accepted payment methods (and locations) at Wyze. But for Wyze services, such as CMC, I’m pretty sure only US based credit cards are accepted as payment for the subscription. I’m not sure about Canada, and I’m trying to verify that now.

EDIT: Some Canadian members on here have indicated they have CMC subscriptions.

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I don’t have an update on this but I know it has been a point of discussion internally. I’ll share this post with the team.


I recently ordered a Wyze cam in the UK and activated the complete motion capture trial, which worked great, so I ordered another two cameras. My trial just ended so I went to pay for the subscription only to find out I can’t pay from a UK address…

I thought I had researched what features wouldn’t work in the UK (TFA and Alexa integration primarily), but somehow missed that I wouldn’t be able to pay for full motion capture. Very sad about that… I hope you can accept international payments soon.

Hi Gwendolyn,

Any news on this? I’m sure this would greatly boost profits for the company if they allow a global audience to pay?

No news on this yet but we appreciate your interest and I’ll mention it to the team again. :slight_smile:

Any update on this? WOuld be great if we can sign up from the UK

No, not at this point. But thanks for checking in! :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Any update on this? We aren’t even able to make use of the response coupon for the cmc promotion because we cannot capture billing details in the system.

I’m sure it would be greatly beneficial to open up to a global income.

I’m also interested on this and I’m Outside US/Canada. (Mexico)

I live in Australia and I don’t want anything shipped to me. All I want to do is enable this feature. Surly you can support subscriptions outside of the US?

I live outside US/CA and would like to use the new Cam Plus, but am not able to pay the subscription. I don’t understand why is it not possible even using paypal or amazonpay.

I have same problem. I bought Wyze Cam recently in Poland and there is no way to pay by credit card issued outside US for Complete Motion Capture. I hope this will be solved soon.

Aside from the payment, would CMC service work from other countries? I am specifically interested in Poland.

You need payment for it to work anywhere in the world

Yes, it works outside US. I’m using it.

You will need a US credit card and address.
I’m using
They will give you an online US credit card and address.
Make sure you read all taxes/services they charge you to load/use the card.

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn

Is there any news on this?

Why are the premium features being withheld from the rest of the world? Surely there are tons of people outside the US that are willing to pay for the subscription? I’m about to buy 10 Wyze cam v3’s with the hope that one day we will also be able to enjoy Cam plus/ any premium features that Wyze provides.

Any updates/movement on this would be immensely appreciated.