Competitor info

Just saw this. Might be a market Wyze could explore. Similar product space, but totally wireless, including power. Rechargeable. Similar price and market model. Same mounting and sd card style

That website page looks like a total scam, like one of those crappy as seen on TV clickbait pieces of junk that never work I would avoid it without doing a lot of research.

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I like the countdown timer for my discount. Immediacy triggers my scam alert.

Nowhere did I see anything about using it outdoors. One photo showed it in an alcove but that was shielded from the elements.

LOL! I refreshed the page and the discount timer restarted at 10 minutes.

Sitting on the page, the amount of cams available counts down, but when refreshed, their stock suddenly increased!

Suggested list is $79.98 without SD card

What is the battery life?