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I currently use one indoor Nest camera. The quality of the picture isn’t great and it’s difficult to review the 10 day history I pay for. I would like more cameras in and out, but at $200 a pop it’s way too much. A friend suggested Wyze and it looks good from their website. I have wifi and we use Apple devices (Macbook Pro, Mac Air tablet, iPhone, etc)
Does anyone have experience with Nest and/or Apple who can relate your experience with Wyze to them?
Wyze looks great but before switching I would like to be sure I won’t be getting another Nest quality product.

Thanks so much!

I have 1 nest indoor which I am currently using outdoor, it keeps disconnecting while my 5 wyze have never disconnected. That being said, only thing I like about the nest is the ability to create the zones any way you want. I was also not willing to pay 2-3 hundred for each nest camera.

I have two outdoor Nest cameras and 5 Wyze cameras running on IOS. Very similar. I keep the two outdoor Nest cams because Wyze doesn’t have an outdoor solution yet (at least “officially”). Also I use an app in IOS to view the Nest cams on my Apple Watch. Not available for Wyze Cams. Now I pay an exorbitant price for a year’s storage of events on Nest and I make do with the free event storage with Wyze. I would recommend Wyze unless you have some specific need like I do. Quality of images is identical between brands. Ability to set up zones and have notifications is equal between brands.

Thank you!

Thank you both!

No comparison. Nest over wyze is bar none.
The three wyze cams have a connection consistency rating of about 20-30%. And the wyze cams have a 90%+ signal rating (three bars). One cam is about 18 feet from the main router and its connection quality is about 30%.
We have numerous Nest cams, two of which have one bar rating and they work with ZERO twitchiness.
Those who claim the wyze are superior are not telling the whole story. Superior hardware always wins out.

This is what i see 90% of the time with the wyze cams. … mostly NEVER resolves … eventually, they will time out

Compared to quality output … NEVER a glitch


This never happens to me, my Wyze cameras connect instantly even on LTE when i’m at work and want to use the 2 way communication feature works perfectly.

Happens to me constantly, and my front cameras couldn’t be much closer to the access point. But I can get the stream after retrying almost all the time.

I don’t have a Nest to compare.

Welcome to the wyze forums. I suggest you just buy a wyze camera and compare it to your Nest yourself. You probably know the best on what your needs are. It’s much cheaper than needing to buy a Nest camera to compare with wyze. :wink: There are a lot of fans and critics on these forums.

There are pros and cons with each camera/software. Nest will have better integration with Google Assistant devices. One issue I have with wyze is that I don’t get push notifications instantly on Android. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied. I don’t have any Apple or Nest devices though to share that experience with you.

When I first bought a wyze, I had been searching long for a cheap camera with an SD card for continuous recording without a subscription. I had only tried a few sub $100 cameras like dlink and zmodo. They seemed to have some features I liked but didn’t check off all the boxes. After getting a wyze camera, I haven’t tried another company yet.

That’s your experience. Mine is consistent connection with both brands. My fault with Nest is Google - they own Nest now and reconnecting is a real pain if it ever is necessary. Google requires a reconnect every 30 days now - a relogon. And since I migrated my account from Nest to Google, the logon has become a problem. Never a problem with Wyze.

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At 10% of the cost of a nest camera do yourself a favor and try one out. Some have bad experiences, some have great. I have about 10 Wyze cams along with other wyze products, and while I have had some problems, at 10x the cost of a wyze cam I can’t see myself buying a single nest cam.

Check out this Reddit thread:

Wow I poked around that subforum for a minute. The disaffected Wyze users are even more critical and cranky than they are here.