Comments: Notifications - Sensitivity - Playback

Hi there,

I recently bought a Wyze Cam and I like it a bunch.

Just had a couple ideas/comments about what I have experienced so far.

  1. If my cell phone is on “vibration” mode (iPhone) sometimes I cannot listen to the audio on the notifications even tho the volume icon is in the “on position”. I have to set my phone to NOT vibration mode in order to be able to listen to the audio. But I think it’s a glitch on the app because when my phone is on vibration mode I can listen the audio of the live stream if the icon is set to on and SOMETIMES it even works while reviewing the notifications if I get lucky.

  2. I have a 32GB memory installed so I can review the “playback”. Well, it doesn’t really work too well. I mean, I am able to review the video and scroll around different sections of the day but most of the times after playing a video for let’s say about 3 minutes it just gets “stuck” or freezes and doesn’t wanna play anything else (even if i select a different time of the day) and I have to close/reboot the app in order to make it work again

  3. Sensitivity: Audio and Motion are great features but I believe only 3 choices to customize them is just not enough. There should be a bar you can set to something more accurate like 1 thru 10.

  4. It would be cool if we could customize with a picture each camera instead of having a screenshot of the last time we reviewed it. Just an idea!