Color night vision used to work

Color night vision used to work but then stopped working on all my cameras. It has suffient moonlight to work off because like I said at the begining it used to work and all of a sudden stopped. And yes i turned off th BW vision in advanced setting the puctures below show only a week apart and it worked well and then the the color quality went bad

Moon phase on 11/28/23 was 99%. Moon phase on 12/1 was 83%. But all it would have taken is a cloud cover on 12/1 to see a marked drop in the brightness level. Where are you located?


There also looks to be a bright area of light in the upper left of the first image that is absent in the second.


The straight down shadows in the top image are crazy crisp. The moonlight that night was very bright it appears.


@Newshound Im located in West Texas, Odessa. The color night vision has completely stop after about a week of owning the Wyze Pan V3. I don’t feel nor believe it has to do with the moonlight brightness i feel it had to do with some kind of update. I dont know I could be wrong but it seems Sus.

@WyzeJasonJ The light on left corner of top picture is a car passing by.

But also look at all surrounding light everywhere including my neighbor porch light which is always on

@Omgitstony it was that Crisp for the first week I owned the my new Wyze Pan V3. But then it all of a the color NV just stop woking.this is the back door with the same pan Camera i bought on same day. It even has a spotlight on it but the color NV still sucks compared to the first week. If it some kind of defect how can both be having the same problem. Ehat am I doing wrong. I followed all the Color NV instructions.

Color night vision requires a certain amount of light in order to work. That applies to any cam from any manufacturer. As others have replied, your 1st screenshot was taken 1 day past a full moon with a clear sky. We are now approaching a new (no) moon. In your scenario (Front Door cam), you don’t have enough ambient light for color night vision without bright moonlight or some other source.

If you have NV Mode set to Auto, and you’re seeing an IR (black/white) image, there isn’t enough light for color night vision. You have a setting to control this color/IR (BW) “switch”. If you have NV Mode set to Auto, set Night Vision Conditions to Dark, not Dusk. If that still doesn’t work during periods of no moonlight, you’ll need to either use a brighter exterior light or install a new light source. I see you have a light source in the lower right. It appears to be mounted to the right post. Try angling that light source up towards the vehicles and install a brighter bulb 1st. If that doesn’t work, I’d install a new light source near the top of the left post facing the street so as not to blind your cam’s view.


Yep, this is correct.


It doesn’t look like it stopped, it’s just the exposure or white balance might be turned down for whatever reason. The cameras that have the starlight sensor, v3, pan v3 etc, run off the starlight as it helps in all low light situations. Like stated, small variations such as moon phase, other lights in area, snow on the ground, can really effect “color night vision” (which itself is a bad name imo because it gets confused with normal night vision and folks think it’s a separate mode). “Color night vision” is actually just a feature of the camera that has really good low light performance when the actual “night vision mode” is enabled, or disabled.

In that picture you posted, it looks like the camera is exposing the area directly in front of the camera where the spotlight is shining correctly, leaving everything else under or exposed to really low. I would try turning off your spotlight in this situation and see how much better the rest of what’s in view is exposed.

I too have noticed the color not working well. I am in a courthouse apt building and in the early hours before dawn I see a grey interior while the sky is showing a bluish tint. There are enough lights on that everything is normally in color during the evening until a few hours before dawn that I see color. It is just after the lights are switched off that I see grey and blue sky. Today the lights switched off at 4:36am.