Color is too light, wording on app is blank or not working at all

Hi everyone
I’m basically new to this forum so please have patience with me :wink:
I had to update because the wording on the camera (showing you what to press, microphone etc) was blank for some reason, I did the update but it is still blank on my phone app of Wyze, when I press the 3 little bars to see the menu it doesn’t show anything, it’s blank…I only see the speaker, camera icon, mic icon, camera icon, video and nothing else works, no wording is showing up
Also, this light blue color can it be changed? I don’t see very well and it’s worse with this color as I can’t read anything, or it’s harder to read.

Please be specific and post your app version , firmware version , and your OS version and type of device

Hi, @mopey63! If you haven’t uninstalled/reinstalled the app, I would give that a shot.

As far as the color in the app, it can’t be changed at the moment, but this has been requested many times. The good news is, it’s currently in researching so it is on Wyze’s radar for implementation. See thread below: