Color bulbs don't work over bluetooth without wifi

the color bulbs say they support bluetooth but you cant actually control your color bulb with bluetooth. if you don’t have wifi you can only control it with a switch which means you cant change the color or anything, if you cant control it at all with bluetooth it does not support bluetooth. simply grabbing the bulb information with bluetooth and sending the wifi info to it is not bluetooth support.

That’s like buying a car from a manufacture and starting it doesnt drive anywhere and them saying “well it turns on and you can sit in it” simply being able to use the light from a switch on the wall and not being able to choose the color is not “bluetooth” support. bluetooth is used to intially connect to the bulb, but not used to control it. very very misleading. In fact most reviews and product pages selling the bulb say you can use the bulb without internet because it supports bluetooth.

But you can’t. you need a wifi router. no way to use the color bulb on the app without specifying one. customer support response " you can use a lightswitch still". So my smart color bulb can become a dumb normal lightbulb means that bluetooth is supported?

This is from the Wyze FAQ for the color bulbs…never tried it though:

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that means you have to have a wifi router still. The wifi router can not have internet but you still need to use wifi to use your lights.

Their argument is that you dont have to use wifi to use your bulbs you can use a switch, but that means you cant use the color feature of the color bulbs.

Yes, a WiFi router is required. To the best of my knowledge, Bluetooth is only used for initial setup. I’ve never seen anything stating you can use it to operate the bulbs and local control is definitely an issue. I’d be interested to see what gives you the impression Bluetooth is usable. I’ve never seen anything.

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Only place I could find it mentioned on a 2-pack box:

Also in the specs on the website, but doesn’t say for what purpose.

To be fair… none of the specs say “what” they are used for. It’s just saying it’s present.

They are right to list the specs… what we would glean from that is on us. Do any companies smart bulbs use Bluetooth if the internet goes out? How would your phone constantly pair/unpair to several bulbs to achieve this?

I think the OP is making a mountain out of a molehill. If your internet is down, you have bigger fish to fry in your smart home than bulbs… and as someone already stated, as long as the local network is available… you should still be good.

If my Internet is down, I’m WAY more concerned about getting it back before I’m worried about setting my lights to the right “vibe”.

If other smart bulb makers do what the OP is asking… let me know. I’m guessing it’s not the case.

For me, it isn’t the color. It’s just on and off which doesn’t seem to work if you aren’t already running the app on your phone when your internet connection goes down. I don’t keep the Wyze app running all the time due to battery concerns.

Agreed… but hear me out… You may have to use “the physical switch” to the light to use it.

I know… I know… ewww… but we may have to go back to the stone ages temporarily when our crazy inter-webs goes down for a bit. :slight_smile:

One other question… What percentage of time is your internet down in a year? 1% is 3.65 days (or 87 hours). 0.1% is equal to 8.75 hours per year of downtime and the time we would have to resort to manual methods.

I don’t even think my internet has dropped a cumaltive 4-6 hours in 2023??? So, am I’m really going to worry about 0.1% of downtime and how I control my bulbs?

Your internet would have to go down a LOT before this should be any sort of consideration or issue.

Edits… Math was off. Decimal movement.

You can use the switch if the bulbs are set to go on with power, but not all of mine are. As to ISP downtimes, mine can be down for days at a time. Small company, all that’s available, tower goes out when electricity is lost and they don’t have backup generators for all physical sites. Offline multiple times per year.

Dude… that’s painful to read.

Can you do the 5G internet thing or satellite internet? Too Remote, no cell service? Is that why they call you WildBill? Are you really “in the Wiild”?

So many questions.

One other point… you know that if you turn on, turn off, turn on real quick… the bulbs come on? It’s a manual override. Kind of a dbl-turn on situation.

use cases without internet:

They are in a basement or some room that doesnt have access to the wifi but you want color bulbs.

you are a photographer and you want to add some color to the scene at a location but you dont have acccess to their wifi.

you live in a place where it makes sense to use carrier phone internet then wifi. (many places across the world are like this)

you don’t want to burden your wifi network with many bulbs (an argument that hub users make all the time)

These are just some of the use cases to have RGB bulbs without a wifi router.

Now the verbage:

Now with the implications when you include bluetooth and wifi.

Many bulbs allow you to control the light over bluetooth, here is one of the first examples I found when searching rgb bulbs on amazon:

most products that mention bluetooth and wifi support means you can control the thing. imagine speakers that mention bluetooth but requires you to have a wifi router, if it mentioned bluetooth and wifi you wouldnt think, oh I need a router for this. Why would it be any different for light bulbs? No other product assumes that bluetooth support means only helping with the wifi connection info. The only reason you think this is okay is because you are already very educated in wyze bulbs and their limitations and/or how different light bulbs work (as evident with you being on this forum) Also your use case of just using them for your home isnt everybody’s usecase. projecting that onto others.

No 5g here (tried T-Mobile but it didn’t work). Can’t get Starlink (too expensive and no north facing spot available). I live in rural Oregon outside Portland. When there is snow or a power outage, we are the last to get service since there are so few of us living on our road.

We have a generator so that we have water (from our well) and a few lights. We have 10k gallons of rain water that we’ve collected in two 5k tanks for drinking water. I’m currently finishing the installation of a solar/battery system for power.

All that is worth it for the privacy and beauty of where we live. Who needs the internet anyway???

Oh, what, we can’t project, now?? I wish I was the Senator from SC so I could do and say whatever I want. :wink: