Clicking sound from camera- CONSTANTLY

Try turning on motion tagging. I find that helps you figure out what the camera is seeing that causes it to start recording. You may need cam Plus for that to work, not sure.

The last screenshot and above indicates the cat, once on the floor, several times on the sofa or footrest or whatever that is. When you enlarge those images you can see the bright green line or box that gives you a clue where the motion was detected.

I think if I encountered the clicking problem I might take the camera and tap it gently on each side on the kitchen counter or something and see if that resulted in any change.

Thanks Old Geek but I’ve tried that… multiple times. As for my cat being in the picture- I’m so incredibly frustrated I didn’t review each motion notification- I was attempting to point out that now in addition to the clicking noise, my camera is misidentifying movement.

Loki now that I have your attention, do you think you could intervene and help figure out what is going on with my camera/s? I’m now being sent a third one!, Thanks

Good catch old geek that is a kitty cat.
But I don’t see anything in the other pictures. I don’t disagree with giving it a little tap, but all that will really tell us is that something is loose inside that shouldn’t be. :slight_smile:

It may not be misidentifying movement. My cameras pick up changes in the light. For example if the light was off and then turned on it will pick up motion. If there is sun outside that window in a cloud passes by it will pick up motion. I have fixed that by turning down motion detection so that it doesn’t pick it up as often.

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Of course that doesn’t affect my issue in the garage where there are no lights at night. :slight_smile:

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Plus it’s the second camera- this one is brand new

All v2, yes? What is your detection level for sound and motion? I had to move my motion down to below 50% and the sound all the way down to one. It still picks up the clicking but not extraneous noise like the wind blowing or rain falling.


The camera IS NOT CLICKING when plugged into a regular, non- GFCI plug!

I repeat- my camera IS NOT CLICKING when plugged into my “regular” outlet!

I have tried every permutation possible- and I’m not going to argue as to the reasoning behind this (I know both Loki and Mepitco said it shouldn’t make a difference) BUT IT DOES!!!

Perhaps the power is surging with the GFCI outlets? I don’t know but I think I’ve finally found the solution.

Mepitco will you do me a huge favor and plug your camera into a non-GFCI outlet if possible? And let me know what happens?

I’m overjoyed!! I think I found my own solution- whether or not it “makes sense” is of no consequence to me- the clicking has stopped!!!

Mepitco- please see my post below

I have plugged it into a regular outlet just to test this theory. Give me an hour to see what happens and I’ll report back.

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2 hours later. Three notifications of sound because the dog was barking in the house.
One notification of sound that my ears cannot hear.
One notification of sound that is the typical click.
I absolutely cannot believe that the GFCI outlet was causing this Jennifer but you may have hit on something. I’ll let it run overnight as it normally does and report tomorrow.


Holy cow! I’m as excited for you as I am for me! I don’t understand it either- and I, oddly, had a single “click” noise in the 7-8 recordings while plugged in to a non-GCFI outlet earlier today. Could it have something to do with an “uneven” power source, as in maybe there are surges within the GCFI outlets? I know less than nothing about electricity, but my constant clicking problem appears to be solved. I’m beyond excited!, This issue has been plaguing me for over a month, and it seemed tied into the firmware upgrade I did on the 19th of March. Absolutely nothing has changed (to my knowledge) in my environment but the constant unrelenting clicking has nearly made me crazy. Please check in tomorrow and let me know what you found overnight! I’m so excited for both of us- I love my WYZE cam system and am so pleased we (may have) figured it out!! :blush::+1:


I also know nothing about electricity and wiring. I wonder if that GFCI outlet is on the same circuit as some other appliance, such as a microwave or some device that is on often or on and off frequently and causes the camera to click. Which thought also causes me to wonder if you have an electrician to your home for some other work someday you might have them check the circuit that that GFCI is on, to make sure it’s properly wired or doesn’t have any interference on the circuit.

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It does always click when you first plus it in and then a couple more times for good measure. I’ll report tomorrow…

The worst offender is a refrigerator or any appliance with an inductive load on the same circuit… electromagnetic interference when the compressor shuts off.

Thanks oldgeek for the suggestion.
My GFCI in the garage is connected only to outside lights and outlets. I’ve traced those wires to make an electrical layout of our home. Have also replaced the outlets with weatherproof recepticles. Both outdoor lights are new, installed by pro electrician. I feel confident the outlet and circuit is wired properly.

After a couple nights of the V2 being plugged into a non GFCI outlet, I still get a handful of clicks every night. However three or four is so much better than three or four dozen.
It appears that we may have resolved most of the issue which is clicking when you plug your camera into a GFCI outlet.

I’m so glad to hear that! I have had a click or two- possibly, as it could have been something else- but my camera is no longer “running amok!” I also had my cord plugged into a simple, cheap extension cord (not a construction-like-quality-three-pronged one) that just gives you 3-4 extra feet, and I’m wondering if I had instead used a power strip/surge protector that it may have made a difference…? At any rate, I am now able to use my camera and I’m entirely satisfied (although I have a third replacement camera on the way from WYZE that I attempted to cancel but it was already on its way). If you don’t have a non-GCFI outlet in your garage, maybe try an actual power strip? I had my camera plugged into the extension cord on the same outlet as my refrigerator, so the gentleman who commented on the compressor surging the power was spot on I think. Also, one more issue I’ve noticed: I have the volume/sound detection down to “5” (from “100”) and I’m still picking up every single sound- I think this latest update has a lot of issues! Also, I did some research on past WYZE forums and there were people complaining about this exact issue after a firmware update back in 2019.