Cleaner Air Available with Wyze Air Purifier - 4/12/22

This type of internet criticism is so very old … “They continue to put out crappy software and not fixing bugs”. You came here specifically just to crap on them for releasing something. Not helpful [Mod Edit].

You are using a blanket statement to make your point but by doing that, you invalidate your opinion. You offer nothing in the way of specific examples, just a sweeping dismissive statement.

Fortunately; reality is not what you say. Their products work, not always perfect, but they work. Microsoft was/is/will never be, perfect… They have broken MILLIONS of computers world-wide with updates through their history… bugs, bugs, & more bugs…

I have the Cameras, Thermostat, Lock, Vacuum, Wall Switches, Plugs, Bulbs, Motion/Contact sensors, Light Strips… I basically have it all… My house is a Wyze ecosystem. It all works. and it all works “together”.

I come home… Thermostat turns to the temperature I want, the front door unlocks, the cameras turn off notifications and stand-down, and the lights kick on in rooms of the house (whatever color I have chosen) as I walk through. It’s true smart-home automation.

If I leave, the reverse happens… all those devices put themselves to sleep and/or arm themselves.

So, @Resist, I counter your blanket-statement, with actual real-world happenings of using these “buggy” products. You are wrong. They work (not perfect but pretty good). You may need to educate yourself as to how they work.

We often fear what we don’t understand.

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