Chime range and heat

What is the range of the chime? How far can it be from the doorbell? Also can the doorbell be in the sun? thinking of putting on back off garage.

Personal opinion: Don’t put any electronics in the sun if you can avoid it. The sun is going to make heat dissipation really hard and it’s hard to imagine any scenario where it doesn’t stress the electronics, the plastic and the lens.

Sometimes it can’t be avoided and I haven’t had any troubles with my V3 in the sun this past winter but I’m a little concerned about the summer (it is in a case, I hope that will help some but it could make things worse).

Even if you can only partially shade the doorbell or put a little flange or something over it.

Don’t know range-answers, sorry :wink:

Here is what is in the installation Guide:

Basically up to 30 ft away from the doorbell

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We have the regular video doorbell, and it worked OK until summer heat set in. When temperatures get over 90-100, the camera tends to go offline and require a power cycle to come back. The door faces west, so it gets late afternoon sun, as well, which heats things up more.