Charges to watch payback

My outdoor cameras are now going to charge me to watch my events on my sd card? Anyone know anything about this. This is ridiculous that I am going to have to pay to watch something from MY sd card from my camera…

Where this information comes from?


You do not have to pay to view SD card footage. Nothing has changed recently, but a while back cam plus lite was introduced, but that only effects cloud events. If your viewing your recordings from the events tab on the bottom of the app, those are cloud events. Cam plus lite is pay what you want, even free.


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You do not need a paid subscription to view the footage stored onto the SD Card. This has never been a requirement nor have I seen any change to this functionality on any SD Card Cam.

In fact, specifically with the Wyze Cam Outdoor, a paid subscription will actually limit your capability to back up video to the SD card in the base station.

Please post the origin of the information that gave you that impression. It needs to be corrected.

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