Changing Wyze mesh router pro dns servers with no Internet. Is it possible?

Is there a way to change the DNS servers the routers use without Internet? All I can see is in the app, and I would assume internet needs to be working.

All DNS servers are on the Internet, so even if you could change the setting, I wonder what use it would be. Why no Internet? Wyze devices do not work well without an Internet connection.

I’ll try to explain this differently. I only see one place to change DNS servers, and that is in the app. Some people for various reasons would want to manually change the DNS servers being used. For instance… A user’s ISP is having routing issues, Changing the DNS servers to Google’s DNS servers can resolve that. Or another reason to manually change DNS servers is if the user has their own DNS setup at home, ror example, a Piehole. If something happens with the in house DNS server the user could lose Internet access, If the only way to change DNS servers on the router is through the app which would require a working Internet connection, that wouldn’t be helpful. Each router though has it’s own IP address a person could connect to without Internet, but I don’t see a way in the local router GUI to change DNS servers. I was wondering if I missed it, or can it be added in a future update.

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I too wish that there was a way to change this from the device Luci Web portal.

You can change it from the web configuration page. Internet is not needed to make these changes.

  1. Connect your laptop or phone to the Mesh router with an ethernet cable (usb-c to ethernet adapter for phone).
  2. Open your web browser.
  3. Then type in your router’s IP (mine is by default).
  4. Go to the LAN tab change the DNS from there.
  5. Make sure you hit Save at the bottom and and wait for the router to shut down.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Close the browser tab before the router starts back up. If you don’t then it will keep applying the same settings in a loop.
  7. Re-type the router’s IP and check the DNS settings to make sure it stuck. (sometimes it doesn’t)

Thank you! That is exactually what I needed.

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