Changing alert schedule

is there a way to change the alert / notification schedule from teh android app ? it seems you can only do this from the ipad.
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In alert settings, turn off the all day button, then At the bottom you can set a schedule

Related question: I want it on all day. I set it to all day then test it. No alerts. I go into alerts and it’s been set to some random middle of the night time only. Then I leave off all day and switch it to 12am to 11:59 pm in the specific time setting and test it again. Still no alerts. I check the schedule and its been reset to some different random middle of the night only schedule. What gives? Why does it keep changing automatically like that? And can you help? Thanks!

A lot of people are having the same problem. See the post titled :

“Alert Schedule – All day” not holding

Hey Charles, thanks for the reply. I can’t find that post. I have searched troubleshooting and the forum multiple different ways./ Can you please link to it? Thanks!

“Alert Schedule – All day” not holding

That’s the title, several down from yours.