Can't start cleaning from app

I can’t start the robot vacuum cleaning from the app. When I manually start a whole house clean from the robot itself, the app shows me the square feet that have been cleaned, the remaining battery level, and the run time. However, the maps does not show me the location of the robot, and the map does not show me the trail of what has been cleaned.

Any idea why I’m not able to start cleaning from the app and why the map does not show the location and cleaning trail?

Both those require a connection to the Internet. Any chance you robot is too far from your router?

Thanks for the suggestion. The robot is close to the router, though.

Having the same issue. First noticed it Friday when the vacuum didn’t start a scheduled job.

Having the same issue here for 3-4 days now, Wifi and internet is good and all other wyze devices seemingly functioning properly.
I spoke with Wyze suport chat and a factory reset of the robot vac got me back up and running. He had me submit an app log prior to factory reset to help them analyze.

To Factory Reset your Robot Vacuum. Press and hold the home button for 5 seconds. You will hear “factory reset will begin.” Release and hold the home button again for 5 seconds. Then you will hear “Factory reset was successful.” Go through setup again.

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Thank you for posting this. It took care of my issue.