Can't send Feedback

In the latest ios beta I still can not send feedback. The send button is greyed out and will not allow sending.

Can you please state exactly which app version this is, and post a screenshot of the page with the grayed out “send” button?

I am not having this issue in 1.3.112/114. If the Send button is the one you find on the email-send page after tapping the “Submit” button, then I suspect a problem with the email account setup on your phone. Can you send normal emails through the Mail app on the phone?

Version 1.3.112 see attached

the submit button is green but when I hit it it goes to this page where the log is attached and the user info is shown, send is greyed out and will not work. This has been like this since an earlier beta as well as general release.





I don’t think this is related to the Wyze app but instead related to your email setup on your phone. The Wyze app hands this task over to the iOS email service. What you are seeing in the screenshot you posted is the standard iOS email dialog.

Please do the following test: open the Mail app on your phone and try to send an email. If you have trouble there, then that explains the issue in the Wyze app and you will need to resolve it on the iOS side. If you are able to successfully send email from the Mail app, then we will need to investigate further in the Wyze app.

I have Outlook on my phone. Being a newbie to ios i could use some help. I have no other mail app that I see on my phone. So therefore perhaps we have run into another issue. Can it be forced to use outlook?

No, it cannot be forced to use Outlook. You will need to set up your email account in iOS Settings so it is available in Mail for sending. Open the Settings app, then Accounts & Passwords, then Add Account. If you need further help in setting it up, a Google search on “how to set up an iOS 10.3 email account” will yield lots of results. The exact procedure depends on which version of iOS you are running.

got it thanks