Can't log in, and Forgot password says my email is incorrect

Hi, trying to log into app, and it says my password is wrong. When I click on the Forgot password link and type in my email, it says my email is wrong.

I have not set up 2FA.


Since you haven’t set up 2FA, you have a much better shot at getting back into your account.

Are you 100% positive you are using the email address that you used when you set up your account? Have you been getting Wyze promotional emails recently about Prime Day to that email address? Have you contacted Customer Support?

Well, I fixed it.

  1. Uninstall Wyze app.
  2. Download and install latest Wyze app.
  3. Log in.

So glad you found a solution!

Just a thought, and cost nothing to do: Consider creating a backup account on Wyze. And share your existing cams/devices out to that back up account. Why? Its a “just in case” account. For those rare times that you can’t get into your primary/first account, having a backup/second account will let you prove to yourself, that/if its the first account, or the app, or maybe the login server is simply temporarily down. Whatever the reason, it could help for multiple reasons, and help you troubleshoot your account - main account.