Can't locate "green bar" area after latest update

I have 3 Wyzecams. Previous problems include destroying a 32 gb memory card while trying to format it via a camera, and clicking on an event and watching it cycle for a while and no video. Also, had a power cord that needed replacing.

Following the latest update I’ve have no problems except I can’t locate the area with the “green bars” any longer. I can view the 12 second cloud videos, but that’s all. I used to be able to access longer recordings with the “green bars.”

Where are the green bars now? Have they been eliminated?

So what happens when you click “View Playback?” Do you see the video but no timeline? Or just no greenbars on the timeline?

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Thank you - problem solved. I don’t know why but I missed the obvious - the access point for the green bars is View Playback. This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Problem solved.