Can't find Wyze Sprinkler under Add Device in Wyze App

Just got my new Wyze Sprinkler. When I tried to add it in Wyze App under + add device, Wyze Sprinkler is not in the list. All other devices are listed there except that one. Any idea?

make sure u have the latest app, it’s listed in the home group


Like @Ken.S said, the latest production app has the sprinkler, which was released two days ago. Update and it should be there.

Thank you both for the response. I am on Android and when I go to Play Store, the latest Wyze app in there is dated Jan 14, 2021. I guess I will need to wait a bit until it gets updated.

What version number is it? Here is the firmware/software page for reference:

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I had to join beta tester group first then I was able to update to Wyze (Beta) v 2.17.6. I now see Wyze Sprinkler under Home group. Thanks again!

Odd, the latest Android app is 2.17.7 and that’s a production (non-beta) release