Can't enable notifications in app [SOLVED]


I have a new Wyze Cam (1 day old).
I set it up yesterday with notifications and a detection zone.
It seemed to be working fine. I didn’t check Events in the app but received notifications on my Android phone.

This morning, I went to check my Events.
The list is empty and it says “There are no Events”.
Also, it slides up the word “Failed” for a second and then slides it down.

I went into the camera settings; the “Send Notifications” and “Motion” toggles are off.
I am not able to turn them on - the toggles react and slide back and forth but can not be left in the On position.

The SD card has footage and I can manually view it all.

[Troubleshooting I’ve tried]

  • Restarted the device from within the app
  • Force-closed the app and restarted it
  • Un-plugged / re-plugged the camera
  • Turned off the Smart Detection Zone
  • Re-formatted the SD card
  • Toggled Event Recording off and on again

Any advice? Thanks.

If you click yesterday’s date at the top of the event tab, can you see yesterday’s events? Events are shown a day at a time

Manually view it on your computer? Or via playback in the app?

Edit, can you live view the camera without issue? Sounds like a connection issue and the settings arnt being saved or retrieved from the cloud. Just an early guess.

And welcome to the forums!


Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply!

For the record, the Events screen also showed nothing for yesterday (the day of install).
Regarding footage, I only used the app, didn’t know about via the computer (but that’s a nice option!).
I am able to view live cam footage as well as historical footage saved on the SD card.

However … this is all moot.
I just checked now (after making no changes since the original post) and the Events screen now shows dozens of events from yesterday and today. It no longer says “failed”. And the Notifications screen has “Send” and “Motion” enabled.

Soooooooooo … thanks for your help!
I’ll keep an eye on the wifi connection, that’s a good suggestion.