Can't detect network during initial install

Just wired up our new Wyze thermostat (correctly) but neither my wife nor I can install it. It pairs via bluetooth but won’t list the network on either of our phones. It is the only wifi network in the house and is 2.4 GHz.

I have confirmed that our apps are up to date and have done multiple rounds of standard trouble shooting (factory resetting the thermostat, powering down our phones, resetting the router … etc). We have our Bluetooth and GPS enabled. Is this problem being caused because our wifi network is open / unsecured? We live rurally with nobody else in wifi range so it has always been open.

When I try the set up using my wife’s phone, it gives an option to manually enter a network, but gives an error when we enter our wifi because the password ‘is too weak’ (it’s blank) and won’t let us use it. On my iPhone I just get a grey spinning circle forever at the ‘Select your network’ screen.

Even if this behavior is intended, you think Wyze would have done better with some type of warning or message that the network must be secured before install?

Edit: We have 3 cameras, a base station, and a safe and all of them operate on the unsecured network just fine…

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It is very possible. I haven’t tested the Thermostat for Open Networks. There are other Wyze devices that also require secure networks.

You can test this two ways:

Open up the Guest Network on your Router and give it a Password. Log into that WiFi Guest Network with your phone and then try the install. If it completes, leave the Guest Network as it is w\ the Thermostat on it (and any future IoT that requires secure network).

Or, you can test this if one of your phones allows to be used as a Mobile HotSpot. Set up the HotSpot on one of the phones with a password. Log into that WiFi HotSpot with the other phone and try an install. If it accepts it and finishes, it will confirm the suspicion. You can always delete it from the app since you don’t want to leave it on a HotSpot that will eventually leave the house.