Canceled order - recurring subscription

I got to the check out to buy the V3 but canceled. The order automatically signs us up for the Cam Plus program. I don’t want my card info stored, but the system won’t let me uncheck the box because I’ve been forced into a recurring subscription I don’t want. I have multiple Wyze products and have been very pleased. This doesn’t fit with my previous positive experiences with the company.

You can buy the camera without cam + we do it all the time,and yes we have cam + and love it and so does our customers

Perhaps it’s just me then. When I purchased the v3, it comes with a free 1 month subscription to can plus. I could not see where to buy without this. In the billing information, the button to save billing information cannot be unchecked. I don’t want this saved. I assumed this is because of the subscription. Perhaps this is just a glitch in the browser, Firefox. Either way, I’ll have to explore elsewhere than the wyze cart to purchase this

There’s 2 boxes one with camera,cam + ,the other is just the camera, I think its located right under the other mine shows $33.98

Got it. Like I said, it was me. Thank you for clarifying. I will order them today.