Canadians can't buy products directly from Wyze apps?

I live in Canada and I try to purchase the colour smart bulbs from the apps (because they’re cheaper from the website ~weird right??!~) but the PayPal sections kept giving me error messages. It’s definitely not my PayPal because I have an active subscription for a few Wyze cameras,

So then I decided to pay good ol’ fashioned way by entering my card information and voila, the address section is only available for USA locations. That’s why my PayPal wasn’t working, I guess.

Just to say the obvious, why Canadians can’t purchase directly from Wyze apps? and why there’s a price difference in the first place? I hope Wyze would honour the lowest price they’re giving to members for their products.

PS: their price is in USD, which is even more expensive in CAD.

Status as of yesterday… direct sales coming your way soon. :+1:

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That’s good news! I’ll hold off my buying on several items until then.

Don’t worry, I can confirm I am currently testing this… Hopefully launches soon!