Canada store Deceptive Marketing Practices

Dear Wyze,

It saddens me that you keep using deceptive marketing practices on your Canadian wyze store.
Those who frequently visit your store, like myself, are well aware of your everyday regular prices.
Presenting to the public “half the double” discounts from time to time, like today, is not only a shaddy practice, it is also illegal under Canadian laws.
It saddens me to see you people doing this and, honestly, you don’t have to.

Please stop doing this.

We already have to pay more vs our southern neighbours if we do a 1x1 conversion. At least show us some respect by not treating us with these lies.

Thank you. Sorry.

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This is user-to-user forum. I doubt that your post will be seen by Wyze. You are better of contacting Wyze directly and complaining.