Include Canada for Wyze sales, deals and promotions

I just want to start by saying its awesome and very much appreciated that the Wyze store is now available in Canada.

However, once again, I feel like we are being left out as the Black Friday approaches and there doesnt seem to be mention of it on the Canadian counterpart. As with majority of stores/shops Canada is a unfortunately secondary market.

So as a part of the wishlist topic, I wish we were once treated equally :wink: maybe next year.

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It must be an American thing,and not a Canadian, since in the United States we have Thanksgiving and in Canada no such holiday

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Happy to see the Wyze Canada site finally launch.

Unfortunately, the prices are a disappointment and the Black Friday deals are a joke. Compared to the Black Friday deals on the US site, the Canadian “deals” are insulting.

Wyze Promotions

I love all the different Wyze products I have purchased over the last few years and as a Canadian it is great to finally be able to order products from home. However, I would like to know why we don’t we get all the great sale and promotion prices that are offered to the US? When I see the great deals offered to US residents I can’t bring myself to pay the Canadian price.

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Sorry we do have Thanksgiving just earlier than in the US. We also have Mothers Day which the US had a great sale and we got zip

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Wyze App Support - Canada Integration

Buying through the app, as a Canadian, is a hit or miss. Some items work while others don’t. No big deal, even though it requires extra steps, I can buy it from the Canadian website. The problem is, not all items are available on the Canadian Website (like the cordless vacuum, for example) and the prices don’t convert to nicely (like the chime being $13.99 USD to almost $30 CAD).
I was wondering if there would be some more consideration to Canadian customers to take advantage of deals and the full spectrum of Wyze products.

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