Can Wyze Outdoor model be connected to wifi/internet without its base?

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To be able to remotely monitor Wyze Outdoor when traveling is my main purpose of buying this model.

In an environment, like a hotel where power and wifi are provided. Can Wyze Outdoor model be connected to wifi/internet without its base? I am asking this question since its base can be used for other shared Zyze Outdoor cams at home. Moreover, the less equipment to carry once traveling is a better solution.

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Welcome to the forums! Have you looked into the travel mode? The WCO can do either the travel mode, or be connected to its base.

The regular WYZE V2 is much better suited to that task.

Travel mode, in fact, it is a direct wifi connected mode. If it is enabled it can be connected and viewed within the limits of direct wifi distance. I would like to be able to remote monitor this camera without its provided base through internet, like the regular Wyze version, the earlier Wyze models. Can this Wyze Outdoor model be functionable like that?
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Per your response, then “travel mode” can be considered as a misleading.
If this is the case, it will be having hard time once it is listed on Amazon.
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Nope, WCO currently needs it base. And the travel mode does not allow over the internet notifications as it is only a point to point connection. Sounds like the WCO is not for this use case. I agree with what mentioned, a V2 would be better for this use case. If said hotel has a weblogin type wifi network, you’ll have to pair the V2 with a travel router so that you can get the remote monitoring and notifications you want (if the settings of the hotel network allow streaming).

My response recommending the V2 and WCO travel mode are unrelated.
The V2 is best for the use you described.
WCO travel mode is for hiking / camping type of travel.
Personally I don’t feel it is very useful at all.

Hello Angus.Black
Currently I am using a v2 cam and an external battery.

I bought this this Outdoor model due to it is having battery built in. Now I found out that it is not functioning as expecting to remote monitoring the cam without its provided base.

I am thinking of returning this Outdoor cam since it has no use for me.

Thank you for your quick response.

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