Can the Wyze wireless camera be seen by others (wifi wise)?

If I were to set up the Wyze Battery Cam Pro on my home wifi system, wirelesly, could other people with wifi systems nearby ‘see’ the camera listed as a wifi device, or is there a way to make it ‘hidden’ in wifi terms? Thanks.

I’ll be accessing it through my home PC as well as my iphone and ipad if possible.

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I am sure there is a very deep and elaborate response to this regarding network management, but the short is, without some specialized tools/apps No.

Not unless you have the camera on an open or public network, and if memory serves me, you cannot put a Wyze camera on an open network.

Or you have given someone the password to your private network, which would allow them to scan the network.

yes, cameras can be “seen”, hackers can figure router and camera model, and inject malicious code

Unless in pairing mode or someone has special tools, they are not ready available to be seen.

If the appropriate protection is in place, they should be ok.