Can’t remove old cam from Google home

Hello. I was part of the beta. For some reason I can’t remove a camera that is no longer in use from from Google Home. The Wyze account is unlinked but the camera still shows up. I have contacted google but they said they can’t help because the account is not linked.

O well then don’t worry about it

I have an Old NEXUS TV device in my Google Home that i can’t delete

It’s been in there for over a year now…

Disconnected it from my TV a year ago.


Same issue with me but mine are not even old cameras, I moved to a new house and all my cameras V2/V3 went from my network to a new network and now google home show double the cameras. I’ve unlinked and only the newly added will remove.

I assume it is because of the network switch but I have no way of changing it nor should I have to.

I was never on the beta for Wyze either.

Your issues are a Google