Can shared user get cam plus notifications?

I have a Cam Pan v3 and have subscribed to cam-plus. I can now get notifications for a person detected by the camera. I have shared the camera with my wife, but I don’t see a way for her to get the same notifications. How can my wife get the detected person notifications from my camera? I see other posts with the same question that say it is possible, but the secret handshakes are not mentioned. On her Iphone she can view the camera video, but any attempt to do anything with events sends her to a “get cam-plus” subscription page. She cannot subscribe since she is using a shared camera. Please help.


Make sure she has notifications for the Wyze app enabled in the phones OS settings app, and make sure the bell icon on her Wyze apps home page does not have / through it.

She should get notifications if they are enabled in the cams settings.


Thanks. That worked. I expected to have to do some setup on her phone, but what you mentioned is all that is required. Thanks!!!