Can PanCam v3 on ROKU

Can Wyze PanCam v3 be viewed on ROKU. If so how?

I haven’t seen that done anywhere but would be interested.

Short answer is no. There is no Wyze app for Roku and the Roku and Wyze products are not compatible.


If you have cam plus you can use a browser on Roku to access your cameras through the Wyze portal link.
(Edit: Correction, I forgot Roku doesn’t natively support a browser, so you have to open the website in a browser and then “CAST” it from your phone or computer)

Without Cam Plus you can virtually do the same thing by running Tiny Cam Pro in Server mode. This requires having an Android device somewhere on the same network, or running an Android emulator on a computer and then getting the Tiny Cam Pro app and running in server mode. Then it will give you a URL link that you can use to view cameras on a browser on your Roku for free.

Unfortunately you can’t…


Thanks for the correction! I could’ve sworn I used to do it on my old Roku, I guess I must have just been remembering “casting” from my phone/computer which does allow you to view anything on your Roku that way.

That’s crazy that they actively banned all browsers when there absolutely compatible browsers that would work.

Still, you can at least cast from your phone/computer. Just open the Web portal on your phone or computer and then tell it to cast to your Roku (ie: Web Video Cast app for example, or on a computer you can cast from the Chrome Browser to Roku provided you are on the same network)

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Bummer. Is there a free web portal for non-subscribers?

Tiny Cam, Docker Wyze Bridge, or Scrypted :man_shrugging:

Not officially from Wyze at this time though, no. Just the app.

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