Can outdoor plug be used to turn on driveway / landscape lighting as you approach home?

Just purchased an outdoor outlet and have been trying to figure out if it can be used to turn on driveway lighting slightly before I arrive home in the evening, maybe while still a few hundred feet before arriving home.
Have been trying to use location trigger settings under rules, but no luck yet.
Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this just isn’t possible.
Anyone done something like this yet?

I suggest just using your phone, perhaps telling the voice assistant of your choice “light up the driveway” or “I’m home”. Very empowering.

Just an alternative suggestion.


Welcome to the forum @DGI
In theory, yes, you can… but Locational Trigger Rules are still in pilot, and aren’t super reliable at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t give it a try.
Would look something like this…

An active discussion in this thread with ideas on what to look for in locational triggers.
i.e. Locational Access to the Wyze App on your mobile device, Locational Range, Multiple devices, etc…


Thank you @R.Good.
My settings are as in your posted screenshot, but upon following your posted link to the other thread I realized that I did not have tracking on at all times.
I’ll give it another try tonight, hopefully with better results this time.

Some people who want a brand independent method to accomplish various things use Alexa. You just install the app on your cell phone pick a product that integrates(has a skill) with Alexa and ask Alexa to turn on the lights as you drive down the street.

Of course Wyze has to provide a skill that works with Alexa or Google.