Can I use Outdoor cam (not v2 or 3) indoors? Leave power connected?

I have an outdoor cam with the base station. I want to replace it with a v2 and move the original indoors. I don’t have a use for a second outdoor camera. Can I leave it connected to power continuously if the camera is indoors?

Or maybe put it on an AC timer so it charges once a week for an hour or so and is not charging the rest of the time?

Thank you.

I hesitate to recommend applying power to anything with a battery full time, but I like the second option of charging it automatically periodically.

An Outdoor Camera can work indoors, just remember not to invert it because that will make the PIR motion sensor look for motion on the ceiling, lol. The magnetic base will adhere to either the top or the bottom of the camera.

Just to be safe, note that the original non-battery V2 is not an outdoor camera, so do not leave that model exposed to the elements. If you are talking about a V2 Outdoor Camera, then go for it. :slight_smile:

Newshound, Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what version of WOC I have. I think it’sm a WOC V1 If there is such a thing. It was new and activated in Nov of 2020. Under settings | Device Info it just says “Wyze Outdoor cam”

I want to use this one indoors (currently outdoors) and get a new WOC v2 with color night vision to replace it. to use outdoors.

Both the V1 and V2 versions of the WOC are good to go for outdoor use. I just wasn’t sure whether you were talking about using the original non-battery V2 outdoors, which is only for indoor use.

Yes, your current WOC is a V1 if it doesn’t have color night vision. :slight_smile:

The current WOC will work fine indoors, just don’t hang it upside-down. However, it will NOT work well thru a window looking out. The glass will block enough of the IR that it uses for motion sensing that it may not see movement.